The unassuming business card is demanding more and more attention these days. Once, they served a purely perfunctory purpose – leave behind contact information for later retrieval. They were just that – business cards – and they were all business. Today, their primary purpose is still to communicate information but at the same time, they are increasingly used as sales tools. More often then not, create the all important first impression in mind of the recipient or potential client.

Quality Business Card Design

A book aptly title Business Cards – The Art of Saying Hello points to business cards as the means of introducing oneself. True, anyone thing can say hello but a quality business card is a way of being remembered. The silent salesman after the meeting or network meeting is over. This is when the well designed business card goes to work. If your card doesn’t then you might consider the following points and questions.

What goes into design a card for you business.

Designing Business Cards

The art of saying hello

Business cards are a major design challenge; creating successful cards is all about the clever use of space; but just a little space. And that’s not all. A design needs to make a splash, stand out from the crowd or announce you as part of a team; and how do you solve the problem of creating a universally understood message while catering to cultural differences and multiple languages? Materials are also important.

Business Card Styles

There are many styles of business cards most take their design lead from the logo design. Reflecting the different design approaches they are typography, photography, materials, illustration and found objects. From an overall design objective they are aesthetical and sales.

Different Business Card Objectives

Aesthetical Business Cards harness all the principles of design balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance and unity to create a fantastic looking business card. Unfortunately these cards normally are throw cards serving no real purpose as they are similar to junk mail.
These style of cards just listing out the basic name, title, company address, and telephone are rare to find these days. Most business cards these days have evolved into sale-focused business cards. Mixing all the necessary elements in well designed cards focused on helping you promote your business.

Purpose of a Business cards

Simple put the purpose of a business cards is to sell. Whether it is through information on a product or as a support piece for a sales letter a business cards is design for one thing sales.

Too many designer look to push the idea of what is “best for a client” without understanding what the client requires. It is hard for most clients to understand the working and process a graphic designer and design firm goes through for success business cards design.

It is this understanding which Blahha Studios carefully works with the client to have a successful outcome achieve for the project.

Why Do I need a Professional Graphic Designer to design a Business card?

Cards, too, are often reflections of the owner, individuals are designing their own cards and choosing their own colour palettes, while some feature caricatures of the owner or sport a tagline that is a particularly apropos to his or her specialty.

It comes down to first impressions and a well design business card can help give your business a favourable impression. Many business owners look at designing a card as an expense instead of an access.

One only needs to look back pervious business transactions were a badly designed business card as change your opinion of a business dealing.

Badly designed cards are not only in relationship to graphics and images it is also about use of fonts its size and choice of colour.

Getting a Quality Business Card Designed

Getting a successful business cards designed is a more involved task then most people think. The design a quality business card is the combination of design elements, years of experience and an understanding of the needs of a client.

These important design decisions are where Blahha Studios can help. With years of experience in the graphic design and print arena, Blahha Studios can sit down with you and guide you in the right direction.

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