What minimum amount of information which should go on a business card and where?

Business cards serve many purposes but their primary purpose is to tell what you do and give the recipient a way to contact you.

Minimum Information for a Business Card

Other information is optional but as a minimum the business card design should usually contain:

  • Individual’s Name and Business Name
  • Individual’s Title or some other descriptive text to indicate what the person does if it’s not obvious from the business name
  • Multiple forms of contact – it could be phone, fax, email, web page, mailing address, street address, etc.

Whilst not necessary a complete listing of services or products would help.

Keep it to the essentials. Use brochures and personal interviews to disclose the full range of services or products offered.

Horizontal or vertical arrangement, the person’s name or the business name should be the most prominent text item on the card. Usually placed in the centre or upper half of the card and emphasized with a larger or bolder font.


Contact information is usually placed in the lower half of the card (left, right, or centred). The preferred method of contact i.e. phone number or email. Normal emphasized with larger and or bolder font to highlight its prominent placement.

Mini-Ad Layout

Most successful business card layouts mimic the successful Ogilvy ad layout formula. Placing the logo at the top or upper left of the card followed by the headline i.e. name with the signature i.e. contact information in the lower right.

Things to remember about Business Card Layouts

At the very least a name and contact method (address or phone number) should go into a business card design. As for where to put this information, there are hundreds of possible arrangements, but there are a few commonly accepted guidelines for where to place the most essential information. When in doubt or when there is little time to experiment, follow these guidelines for creating a basic, serviceable, and effective business card.

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