Most small or emerging companies are sole traders or a one-man band. This one-man band mentality forces most of these businesses to develop and design their branding themselves. Unfortunately the “Do It Yourself” attitude consumes their time and distorts the final outcome. This is where a quality graphic design firm can help. By working with the client we can achieve an outcome in which they are happy with. A full range of services from a simple logo design to a full corporate branding or re-branding. The service is tailored to your needs to deliver the best results.

Professional Graphic Designers

Blahha Studios’ graphic designers bring their creative input in helping you with:

Quality Logo Design

There are 3 different styles of packages available, depending on the amount of initial design concepts to be delivered and on the number of revisions sessions. Yet you are not limited to 3 packages.

Business Stationary Design

After creating the logo or working with an existing brand or logo, our designers design the stationary maintaining the unity among all the marketing materials’ look and feel.

What is in most forms of business stationary? Business stationary is covers the following promotional materials:

  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Thank you card
  • Envelopes

Brochures and flyers Design

Designing brochures based on a variety of sizes and types, they can be standard or custom size. Some of the most common brochures are:

  • 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold letter size brochures
  • DL or Varying sized insertions
  • Presentation folder
  • 8 page letter size brochure
  • Flyer (letter size or 1/3 of a letter size)
  • Single pane brochure or DL Mailers
  • Postcards

Other materials:

  • PowerPoint templates
  • Custom PowerPoint Presentations
  • Book cover design (a 3D version of it is included)
  • CD cover design (a 3D version of it is included)
  • Posters
  • Post cards

Website Design Brisbane for Small Business

Small businesses normally only need a active web presence. With this in mind we have created 3 packages to choose from with an additional list of add-ons.

The difference between the 3 packages resides in the number of pages the website will have in the end. Of course, you may think it is to difficult for you to decide the number of pages, or whether or not you should have a newsletter box, or an animation, or a forum. Do not know which one is right for you? This where we can help, one of our consultants will meet with you to help you decide on the right Internet strategy and package.

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